Hello and welcome to Kavanah Doula-Birthing with Intention. My name is Erika Davis. I wanted to use this space to welcome you to my little blog space and to give you an idea of who I am as a doula.

Like many women who grew up in the 90s I watched birth shows like A Baby Story in awe, shock and sometimes horror. Truthfully, I was scared. The women were often crying or screaming as they were wheeled into the OR tied down to stretchers and hooked up to IVs. At the time I thought I would avoid all of that and go directly to a schedule c-section.

Fast forward about fifteen years, much reading, training and research later and I have a completely different view of birth. Through documentaries like the Business of Being Born and reading nearly everything by Ina May Gaskin I've come to realize that birth and the birthing process is nothing to fear. I've also come to learn that every woman is unique, that every woman has the power to take ownership over her body and her birth, and that every woman's decision for what's best for her body and her birth is her own to make.

Doulas do a lot of things to help a mother and her partner during the birthing process, but I believe that the most important part of my role as a doula is to hold space.

If you or someone you know is expecting a baby, b'sha'ah tovah (may it all be in a good time).