Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cross-Post: Doula-ing for Cesareans

One of the things that a new doula must do in order to be certified is to attend births, sometimes three and as much as five. This doula has attended a whooping 0 births. Are you willing to be my first mama?

I have, however, been a back up doula to a few of my doula friends, yet none of them have needed a back up, so I'm waiting. I was pretty sure that July would be my month, especially since my doula friend has two mamas with very close due dates. I was a bit disappointed to learn that one mama had elected for a scheduled c-section. Not because I oppose the c-section, but because I knew that a c-section would mean that there was no chance that the two mamas would overlap.

It got me thinking about how important a doula is, even to a mama who's having a c-section so I was delighted to find the following post. Read it here.

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